SMS Marketing

Smart SMS and Text Marketing

Your prospects use smart phones and tablets more than computers,
your business needs mobile solutions.

Did you know?:

• You can increase your prospects response to your emails exponentially by sending them a text message letting them know you’ve emailed them?
• The majority of your potential clients completely ignore each marketing method you use.
• You need to spread your reach to ensure maximum potential ROI.

5656Media specializes in consulting, implementing, designing and servicing business clients in all things mobile marketing. Our SMS and Text Marketing systems are being used to engage buyers, notify sales people and close deals.

Current Marketing Method:

A Real Estate agent places an ad for a specific property. When that agent’s prospect responds to the ad the Agent is not always notified immediately. If the prospect’s inquiry is not immediately met with the response of the agent or sales person that prospect is most likely gone for good.

At 5656Media, our primary goal is for each new prospect to be added to your database and instantly followed up with.

5656Media Smart SMS Marketing:

– Prospect responds to advertisement for specific property.
– Prospect receives text message and email with information on specific property they were interested in.
– Sales person or agent is notified simultaneously about new prospect and what ad they responded to.
– Sales person or agent is able to contact prospect with property specific greeting and information within seconds of the prospects initial action.
– Prospect is absolutely impressed by how quickly their inquiry was attended to.

If the sales person or agent is busy they will at the very least know who the prospect is and be confident that they already have some relevant information to go over.

You’ll never have a prospect leaving frustrated after
hearing a voice mail or reading an auto responder
that asks them to wait for a response.

5656Media Smart SMS Marketing Solutions create a truly personal and instant shopping experience for your prospect while guaranteeing your ad dollars and efforts are never wasted on lost prospects.

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Why haven’t you secured this vital marketing technique for your business? 5656Media will help you organize all of your mobile marketing efforts, or just give you the push you need. We can also handle your entire mobile marketing process, from the collection of information to the lead capture and advertisement portion. Give us a call now to find out how mobile marketing can help your business thrive.