Do I Need to be Involved in the Marketing? – Should Read

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Are you asking the question ” Do I need to be involved in the marketing?”

This is a great question to be asking your marketing team. There are several marketing companies who will have different opinions about this but the main rule of thumb is to keep the lines of communication about marketing open to discussion. It’s important to be aware of the marketing plan moving forward, the costs, ¬†the timeline and what’s to be expected overall.

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It might take a little tweaking, testing and refinement to come up with the best plan that works with your business. After a few months of working on your business, your marketing company should be able to figure out the best marketing techniques that will drive the most traffic to your site.

You know your business and industry the best. If you could provide the marketing company with some basic information such as: about us, contact information, bio, benefits of the business and frequently asked questions and answers then this would give the marketing company something to work with and they  would be able to create content using the outlines and information you have given.

Some other great ways to be involved are to take pictures or even short videos of your business in action. Answering a frequently asked question is a great way to get people to visit your website and learn more about your business. Sending your marketing company photos of new products or team members would work really well for social media.

After a few months, your marketing company should have a better plan of action based on their research and analysis from the beginning months. Another important thing to remember is that some business work really well using social media and other business might work better doing screen capture videos. Here’s an example: If your business is related to food then your best bet would be to use social media and videos to capture your audiences attention and grab some likes and shares. Using Pinterest or Instagram would also be a great way to show off your recipes by taking pictures and then linking them back to your website.

It’s up to you if you want to be involved in the marketing plans or not. You should at least have a basic understanding of the plan and be given reports of what’s being accomplished from the marketing. Your company should be open to meetings and discussions and tweaking and refining anything that you desire.

It’s important that you and your marketing company have the same goals and aspirations for the business. You should feel confident and comfortable with your marketing company and have trust in them that they will be able to complete their duties in a timely manner.

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