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  • The Best Ways To Use YouTube for Marketing Your Business

    There are many different ways to market your business online. What is currently trending and continually increasing in popularity is YouTube marketing. When you set up a YouTube channel to create promotional videos, you should to include relevant keywords that deal with the topic of your videos. If you’re creating videos about ways to get involved in, for example; prepping […]

  • How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Business

    Here are some ways of how to use Facebook to promote your business. According to recent statistics facebook users have grown to over 1.1 billion. There are actively, 665 million users and over 50 million facebook pages in use sine June 2013. Facebook is being used absolutely everywhere to help people socialize and help business […]

  • Call Tracking Services in Ottawa

    A benefit of having call tracking services in Ottawa is that you can hear the calls made by customers and the purpose of this is to find out how well your staff works with handling calls from customers. Call tracking is also good for use in training new staff members. When you use call tracking […]

  • Why Is Getting Ranked on Google Important?

    The main reason why Google rankings are important for your business website is because the higher your website’s ranking is the higher your site will get to the top of the search engine. As a result, your website will receive more traffic. Another reason you should desire higher rankings on Google is because Google has a stronghold […]

  • Effective Video Marketing Tips

    To ensure that your video marketing is effective, you will want to create a catchy title because generic titles are going to be ignored by many website visitors.The key to effective title writing for promotional online videos is to use relevant keywords that pertain to what you want to promote as a business owner. The best […]

  • The Best Ways To Build Backlinks

    Here are some ways you can build better backlinks to your website. One method is to visit forums that pertain to your website’s topic and leaving comments on the forum along with some links to your website so that people can visit the website and look at the information you offer. Another thing you can […]

  • Why Isn’t My Site Showing Up in Google?

    So you have an amazing website and you spent countless hours on building it yet the website is not showing up in Google’s search engine. If you need answers, you’ve come to the right place. One reason why your website is not showing up in Google is because you’re not using relevant keywords in your […]

  • Video Marketing Basics

    Video marketing is increasing in popularity every day. YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the planet. If you are not capitalizing on this niche then you could be missing out on potential clients and a loyal subscriber base. Did you know that you could get a video on page 1 in 24 […]

  • Looking for an SEO Company in Ottawa?

    >> Have your social media and web presence managed for you! Click HERE  << Ranking your site on page 1 of Google isn’t easy. There are specific trends and algorithms that you have to be aware of. Getting your site ranked can be a full time job,…. and you don’t have time for that. At one […]

  • Must Know Social Media Marketing Tips Here

    When marketing with social media, it is important that you constantly learn and update your strategies. SMM is very inexpensive and highly fixable if something goes wrong compared to other plans. You can find it easy to take in feedback from your audience, and this will help your future social media marketing efforts. Using that […]